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Ewwwwww gross.

Also, I have transcended into a state where eyeballs are no longer necessary.







What do you like apart from art?

I like finches, pigeons, eating peanut butter on the spoon, perfumery, video games and doing puzzles. I also like doing other things whilst breathing.

What do you use to create your artwork?

Orphan tears. And Easy Paint Tool SAI. To add any specific layer changes or textures I sometimes use Photoshop CS6 . I like to sketch in coloured pencil a lot lately but I'm too lazy to scan my traditional stuff in. I am definitely going places in life right.

How long does it take you to finish an artwork?

Depends. I work 5 days a week and I can't seem to focus straight after work soooo yeah. I really have to be uninterrupted or in the right mindset to finish an artwork (for myself) quickly.

Can you donate me points?

No, please don't ask me this. I donate when I choose, not when pestered.

Do you do commissions?

Yes. Price chart is in my gallery.

Do you do art trades?

Not at the moment. So many times in the past I have been "cheated" into an art trade, and when I've done an artwork for someone they don't draw my half. Which is unfair.

Can you draw [insert character here]?

No. Please do not demand I draw someone or something. :iconepicstareplz:

How old are you?

*Points to the top of my profile*

Can I use your artwork for a banner/icon/etc?

Sure, but as long as due credit is given. I'd like to see it too. :) As long as you don't sell anything (as if you could make money off of it lmao) I'm mostly okay with it.

Why does it take you 548098 years to update your manga?

Because I am always unsatisfied with my work and pretty much fail at comic panelling and posing my characters.

Can you make a tutorial on [insert artistic method here]?

One day. If there is enough demand for it.

I donated you a llama! Now give me one?

... I never asked you for one but thanks anyway. I usually don't donate back. Not to be a douche, but because I DON'T REALLY GET THIS WHOLE LLAMA THING WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT. If you ask nicely I will.



I haven't read enough books lately so I'm keeping track of the books I've read this year. On my deviantART page. Because that's definitely where I should put this sort of thing, right.


1. "Space Chronicles" - by Neil deGrasse Tyson (highly recommended if you like science and space 'n' shit)

2. "Revenge" - by Yoko Ogawa

3. "A Wild Sheep Chase" - by Haruki Murakami

4. "Body Double" - by Tess Gerritsen (currently reading)


Sailor Scout Series: Sailor Mercury by Silvercresent11
Sailor Scout Series: Sailor Mercury
FAREWELL, EYESIGHT. :iconpapmingplz:

Sailor Mercury/Ami/Amy is finally done! Been working on and off on this picture for ages. I like how I finished this up as a "take-a-break-and-relax" art session for myself (also to procrastinate from doing my tax return), but ended up being more stressed out by it instead. 8-D 

So much blue. Blue is my favourite colour but god damn I got sick of it after this -- ffffff. 

This one is dedicated to my partner since Mercury was his favourite out of all of the scouts when he was little.

Going to do more work on a current commission and then start on Jupiter (yay!). :D

Others in the series:

Sailor Venus: Sailor Scout Series: Sailor Venus by Silvercresent11
Sailor Moon: Sailor Scout Series: Sailor Moon by Silvercresent11


© Sailor Mercury - Naoko Takeuchi

© Artwork - Mine.
Current paid commissions done! Just waiting on two more payments to come through. Until then, I'm working on a Sailor Mercury picture. :D
Commission for Deborahs-Conscience by Silvercresent11
Commission for Deborahs-Conscience

For :icondeborahs-conscience: 

Fully lined and coloured chibi commission. Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff (my interpretations of them) from Harry Potter. Godric is trying to be all smooth and showing Helga his cool new sword (which is super big for his chibi hands) and Helga's just eating cakes and thinking: "Cool story bro".

Secretly I'm sure she's impressed, though. *WINK*

Deborahs-Conscience, I want to thank you so much for ordering a commission from me and for waiting so patiently!!! It was lots of fun drawing these two interacting like this, haha. :aww: 

Interested in a commission? I'll be opening them again soon. Click here to find out prices: DIGITAL COMMISSIONS -slots temporarily full by Silvercresent11


© Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff - "Harry Potter" - J.K Rowling

© Artwork - mine

Art update: Deborahs-Conscience, your commission will be up this weekend. Thanks so much for waiting so patiently. :) Prepare for cute.
Hey everyone,

Just updating quickly to apologise for the slowness in replies (especially to your notes, TarmaHartley , I feel bad for not getting back to them fast enough)! It's been hard the last few days because I'm working extra hours this week due to being short-staffed at my workplace (I like working extra hours but it does make you tired and CLEARLY I AM NOT USED TO FULL TIME DAYS).

Edit: Plus we had a rent inspection today for which we spent ages cleaning well into last night when all I wanted to do was draw. Ugh.

AND we had an onslaught of awful weather not too long ago (we lost power for a bit and the back fence blew down... and the back neighbour's dog got into the car park of our apartment complex lel).

Weather is not being such a dick now which is nice... 
Yeah rambling on as usual oh me.

My commissioners who are currently waiting on artworks: Deborahs-Conscience and DezoPenguin, thank you so much for your patience! I hope you don't mind waiting a few more days for your finished pieces (I aim to have them completed by the end of this weekend as I will definitely have more time than I did last weekend). I really appreciate you commissioning me (just don't want you think I've bailed on you or whatever).

And for the commissioners who have yet to pay, Mairelyn and SmudDragon , I will do my best to complete your works too when the time comes! Please bear with me. :)

Doing commissions is exciting. A nice challenge and I feel lucky to have had five people interested when I'm just starting out! Thank you so much (again) for your support. More art to come on the weekend!

Aaaand good night because I am tired. Oh so tired. D: 



1. Reserved for Mairelyn (Unpaid)
2. Reserved for TarmaHartley (Paid) - COMPLETE: Commission for TarmaHartley by Silvercresent11
3. Reserved for Deborahs-Conscience (Paid) - COMPLETE: Commission for Deborahs-Conscience by Silvercresent11
4. Reserved for DezoPenguin (Paid) - COMPLETE: Commission for DezoPenguin (Mature: F x F) by Silvercresent11
5. Reserved for SmudDragon (Paid) - In progress 
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G-Soos Cryst
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Name: Amazing
Age: Twenty thrizzle.

Hello there cucumbers.

I enjoy drawing stupid things.

Links 'n' shiet:

My fail excuse of a webcomic! |:

Please visit my little sister's profile if you have the time: :iconaiple: :D


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I have a question... I've recently found some people who've done a HP meme of you, and I am wondering whether I am simply too stupid to find it or whether it's not accessable. Could you please tell me? I'd really like to do it.
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